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Undo: Take the email a step back reversing what you just did.
Redo: Take the email a step forward adding the last step you removed.
Gallery: Open this to load your image gallery. Clicking on the area to upload images opens up a file browser to choose images from your computer. You can also drag images into the area to upload them.
Preview: Open this to load a mobile preview of the email. Switch between Tablet, Desktop, or Mobile view.

Social Content: Clicking on this will open up a panel on the right with the following options:  

     Description: Type a description for your social media post. Leave this blank to use your preheader text.
     Image: Leave this blank to use a screenshot of your email. Upload an image via your gallery or an image link.
     Title: Choose to use your subject as a title, or create a new title specific to your social media post.
     Preview: Choose between Facebook LinkedIn, and Twitter to see how your posts will look when it’s shared through your social media.  

In order to share your posts through your social media, you’ll need to connect your social accounts through the integrations section.

Test: Hover over this to select from the following options:

     Inbox Preview Assistant: We have an integration with Email on Acid that will allow you to look at your email on over 51 different email providers including mobile devices. Run a test by clicking on the “Run Preview Test”
     Send a Test Email: Select this to send a test email to yourself. We recommend this to assure that your links and content are placed correctly.
     Content Spam Checker: Select this to run a spam check of your email. Doing this will help you understand your chances of getting into the inbox.

Help: Hover over this to select the following options:

     Chat Support: Click on this to open up a live chat where you can speak to the team directly. We’ll be there to answer any question you have.
     Guided Tour: Select this to take a guided tour of the platform. This will walk you through the entirety of the email studio.

Exit Studio: Hover over this to select the following options:

     Back to Design: Select this to return to Step 1 – Design.
     Back to Campaigns: Select this to return to your email campaigns overview page.

Save and Continue: Select this to save the content of the email and go into step 3 – contacts.

     Save: Save your progress without moving forward to step 3.
     Save as Template: Select this to save the email as a template. When you save the email as a template, you will be able to access it in step 1 under the “custom” tab when making a new email.


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