Starting New Emails

You do not need to add an Email Campaign each time you want to send an email. Think of your Email Campaigns as a folder that you group together similar emails. Select the button titled “Start New Email” to begin.

If you want to start designing your email from scratch, you can press the black “Start Over” button next to the “Edit” button. This will delete all of your current content in step 2.

Benefits of using separate campaigns

• Reusing an Email Campaign is easier and faster than creating a new Email Campaign since your settings are configured in the Email Campaign and automatically applied to your new email.

• When you “Reuse” a previous email campaign all of the images and text will be copied into the new email. This will help you resend something quick, or keep a uniform template for your subscribers.

• Trending is much easier to analyze since you can run Reports to compare emails within an Email Campaign over time.

• Comparative analysis is easier since you can run Reports for multiple Email Campaigns to measure their comparative success.

• Reusing Email Campaigns keeps your emails in logically organized groups.


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