Sub Users

Check with support to see if this feature is enabled for your account. Some features may not be visible or available in your account.

Sub-users are secondary accounts tied to a primary account. Sub users have all of the same capabilities as a single account. They have their own contacts, email campaigns, and login credentials. This type of account can best be utilized by marketing agencies or groups with multiple businesses or locations where separate opt-in lists, campaign schedules, and sign up forms may be desired.

Some reasons you may need Sub Users:

  • You have multiple locations for your business
  • You manage email campaigns for several different entities
  • You need to be able to utilize our “push campaigns” feature

To access a Sub Users, find the Sub Users tab on the left navigation bar

A list of sub-users will appear with the following options next to each one:

Add a Sub User under Account  > Sub Users > Add Sub User.

Configure: Click the wrench icon to access the account settings for that Sub User.

Login: Click the keychain icon to log in to the Sub User account.

You can also log in to the sub-user account directly by using the credentials you’ve selected when you create the sub user.

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