Report Definitions

The following terms are found throughout the email marketing system. Use this guide to better understand what they mean, and how they are being calculated.


Total number of emails sent.


Total number of emails sent minus any Hard Bounces.

Received Rate (percentage)

Calculated as Received divided by Sent.

Opened (Unique Opens)

Recipients who opened the message

How do you count the opens?

An open event is recorded when the following take place:
• The Email Contact Opens the email in their email client. This is the most common way.
• The Email Contact Previews the email. (Some email clients allow you to preview an email in a smaller window without actually opening it)
• The Email Contact Views the email as a web page using the link provided at the top of the email.
• The Email Contact Forwards the email using the Forward button in their email client, and the person receiving the forward does one of the above.

Open Rate (percentage)

Calculated as Opened divided by Received.

Total Opens

Total number of times an email has been opened. Contacts can open multiple times.


Total number of clicks on all links within a message excluding unsubscribe or report as spam.

Click-Through Rate (percentage)

Calculated as Unique Clicks divided by Received.

Unique Clicks

Number of Recipients who clicked the message at least once. If a contact clicked multiple times they are only counted in this total one time.


Emails not delivered to Recipients

Bounce Rate (percentage)

Calculated as Hard Bounces divided by Sent.

Hard Bounces

Bounces from permanent causes.

What is a hard bounce?

Hard bounce means the email didn’t deliver because:
• Email address is incorrect, i.e., where the address is really
• Email address doesn’t exist, i.e., doesn’t exist because Sam no longer works at
If an email address has one hard bounce they will become deactivated. This is in place to help your sending reputation.

Soft Bounces

Bounces from temporary causes.

What is a soft bounce?

Soft bounces occur when:
• Recipient’s Mailbox is full
• Recipient’s Mailbox server is down
If a contact is engaged and they have 20 consecutive soft bounces, they will be deactivated.
If a contact is unengaged and they have 10 consecutive soft bounces, they will be deactivated.

To change the preset amount of  soft bounces it takes to deactivate contacts, please contact support.


Emails that were Received but not Opened.


Complaints occur when the recipient reports the email being spam, either through the link in the email or using a
spam button in their email program.

Not all email providers report the complaint back to us.

See here for additional info on complaints report.


Recipients who unsubscribed via this email by unsubscribing or by complaining.


Recipients who subscribed via this email.

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